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The “Dream” is for Christmas in July to spread to other Counties, not only in Florida, but in the Nation. The plight of homeless children and families is great!

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The purpose of the CHRISTMAS IN JULY, INC. {a 501(c).3 Organization} event is to provide a ray of hope to the homeless children of the Broward County and their parents – to show that “someone care5″- and also provide a day of fun and frolic. The The Concept of Christmas in July came about in 2001 when then Kiwanis Division 23 Lt. Governor, Dr. Celia
Earle, performed research on the plight of homeless children in Broward County, Florida. She discovered that there were hundreds of the County’s students who could not list a home address because they were in shelters. This does
Not include the hundreds of homeless children under the age of five. She also realized that their number one need was underwear, followed by shoes, and then clothing. She implored the other Kiwanis clubs in the Division to make a difference in the lives of these unfortunate children from newborns to age 19 and they bought into the idea. She also reached out to the Broward County Board of County Commissioners who embraced the concept and set up collection facilities at their court houses. Thus, Christmas In July was born. This event would provide a ray of hope to children who do not end up in these homeless facilities due to any fault of their own, but due to unfortunate circumstances. It would show them that others truly care about their plight.On the event day, in addition to Kiwanians and other volunteers from the community, Broward county commissioners, as well as elected officials from other cities, are in attendance to show that they care about these families, the success of this project is living proof that together we can make a difference in the lives of those in need.
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Testimonuials:I just wanted to Lake a minute and thank you for all the wonderful work you and your organization do on the Christmas in July celebration. My families
and I had a wonderful time and are very grateful for the day, the gifts and all of your efforts.
Thank you so much.
Shirley Favall
Family Case Manager
Broward Outreach Center